Our Stars


VivaLink is a remote patient monitoring company that's serving clients in 20+ countries and saw its revenue growth accelerated by the pandemic. Their FDA/CE/CFDA-approved wearable sensor weighs only 7 grams and can continuously measure and transfer patients’ vitals such as ECG and blood pressure. They have algorithms to analyze patient data and perform diagnosis remotely. Their system is also compatible with third-party hardware and software, making it increasingly more capable of addressing a wide range of markets. VivaLink is based in Silicon Valley.


GruEnergy is a developer of advanced lithium ion batteries that have high capacity and can be charged fast. Their product performance has been independently verified by many well-known companies around the world. Sales has started and revenue is expected to grow fast in the next few years. GruEnergy is based in Silicon Valley.

Inquis Medical

Inquis is developing medical devices that can save lives. The company is founded by serial entrepreneurs that have built several successful startups and launched dozens of products to market. Inquis is based in Silicon Valley.


HoneycombData is a top performing data storage system provider that's started volume sales. The company has developed 400k+ lines of codes from scratch, and holds many key patents. It’s founded by successful serial entrepreneurs with multiple exits in the data storage industry. HoneycombData is based in Silicon Valley.

Double Helix Optics

Double Helix Optics captures high-precision, super-resolution, 3D images across the largest depth of field—so you can collect significantly more data in a single shot. As an add-on module, our product SPINDLE® minimizes setup costs. By imaging larger volumes, you get more high-quality data in a shorter amount of time. It’s faster and more efficient. Doulbe Helix Optics is based in Colorado.

Concha Labs

Concha’s patented hearing solution arrives ready to use out-of-box and allows you to easily customize precise settings fit for your ears only, with just a few taps. No in-person visits or prescriptions required. Concha is based in Silicon Valley.

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